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Custom MDRT installed

Started by Aelfad, February 26, 2022, 06:33:46 AM

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It's been a couple of years but last week I installed a new MDRT transformer and got my unit back on tracks.

My old one burned and I thought that once I figured out the schematics I could order an MDRT at a local transformer winding service. With the help of several board users and MarshallJMP I got it done.

Then came the day to install it and I nearly royally screwed it up. The transformer terminals were extended and I had to bend them. Unfortunately, one of the wires was so tight that I broke it off from the terminal. Damn! Then I was trying to solder it and I even managed to melt the plastic mount! I somehow fixed it with hot glue after an hour of trying to solve the issue. It goes to show what an amateurish electrician I am!

I also replaced a fuse holder since the original got broken somehow, and I used taps to recut threads for new cover screws. I used the ones for mounting computer parts because I had many of them and I don't mind them not being flush with the covers. The original rubber shield partially melted when the transformer burned, so to prevent the wires from touching the metal cover I glued some shielding tape to the cover itself.

Anyway, the preamp is not leaving my room anymore, because I would cry a river if my fragile wire fix got broken in transport.

P.S. I have been thinking about publishing the transformer specs here but I'm still looking forward to getting a green light from MarshallJMP on this since I'm not going to breach his and Machinator's rights.


Hey Aelfed, well it's good you persevered and got it done  :whoohoo!: :thumb-up: .
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Oh, yeah! I'm quite eager to do a couple of other minute modifications in my gear (like 120V > 230 V transformer in Sonic Maximizer), but I guess I need to train soldering more not to destroy stuff! Ha, ha, ha!