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F/S - USA Peavey Vandenberg Series 2...

Started by potus2028, October 13, 2016, 09:01:40 AM

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Not sure of exact year, but it is a Series II - Kahler Spyder - in Arctic Blue Pearl

A few mods:

Bridge pickup now a Seymour Duncan Black Winter

Neck Pickup now a Seymour Duncan Lil '59

Wiring converted to 1 Volume, 1 Tone, with push-pull tone pot for coil tapping in all three positions.

Minor chip off very tip of the headstock with was very cleanly replaced.

Action is good. Board and frets are clean. a little wear down on board edges between frets, but not scalloped. Body is pretty clean - minor buckle rash on the back (mostly on the cover plate), and a couple of small dings on the front behind the bridge.

Kahler Spyder could use a break-down and cleaning, but fully functional otherwise. Original trem bar included.

Also have the original Peavey fitted hard case. Hinges loose, but latches are fine.

I'm not is a super rush to sell it, but would like to get it gone. Not a fire sale. Asking $1,200 shipped CONUS. Others out there listing for more...haven't seen a blue one in years...

Shipping from Daytona Beach, Florida. PayPal accepted and preferred, though I can take a credit card by phone through Square...

Only interested in trades for Ibanez RGT (neck-thru) guitars. Thanks!


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Nice guitar , back then wanted to buy it.
From dutch hero Adrian Vandenberg, never saw them again at stores or second hand instrument sites.
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