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Author Topic: For sale: complete ADA bass tower: MB-1, B500B, Bassline HX and Bassline 15  (Read 669 times)

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Pim Bos

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Why? Because I am now 63 years old and the weight is getting too much for me. My kids bought me a great portable combo.

Condition of the equipment: excellent, both appearance and technical. In 2005 the Electro-Voice speaker of the Bassline 15 was replaced by an Eminence Beta 15, otherwise everything is original.

Where? Gouda, The Netherlands, Europe.

Price? No exact amount in mind in advance, but use Google and you will see which realistic amounts pass by. I expect serious offers (in €) from enthusiasts who appreciate this vintage equipment - I expect we can work out a fair deal.

History: My former colleague and friend Jurrie Teeuwen made me enthusiastic about ADA, and with him I went to buy the set on 28/02/2003 at Titan Professional Audio in Brussels.
In June 2005 I had a crack in the speaker of the Bassline 15 and Jurrie Teeuwen replaced the speaker with an Eminence Beta 15 that suits me very well.
I had the entire tower checked and cleaned (dust removed, etc.) on 25/01/2018 at Westamp Geluid in Delft (

What are we exactly talking about?

MB-1 Midi Tube Bass Preamp
B500B Solid State Biamp Bass Amp 500w 2h
Bassline HX 2x10 "+ Horn Top / Full Range Bass Speaker System 8 Ohm
Bassline 15 1x15 "400 Watt Eminence Beta 15 (was Electro-Voice) Bass Speaker System 8 Ohm
Grundorf 3U Flightcase

2 spare tubes 12AX7A

Documentation (paper):
Original MB-1 Owner's manual version 1.0 + addendum ADA MB-1 level 2 software update
Original B500B Owner's manual
Original "MB-1 Preset Program Chart" & "MB-1 Program Library - Factory Presets - Version 2.x"
Various print-outs (most retrievable from the original Adadepot)

Various docs on PC; can be supplied by email


What else to know?
I am:
Pim Bos, Gouda, Netherlands
+31 6 30 36 47 43

My terms:
- All stuff sold in 1 deal
- The equipment is guaranteed to be in 100% working condition but sold on an "as is" basis
- You can try it out at my house (but please mind some respect for my neighbors)
- I expect you to pick it up in Gouda and pay cash or have someone to do it for you (e.g. you're in the USA but have a good friend in my vicinity)
- Questions and offers can be posted here on the forum, or mailed directly to my mail address


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Hey Pim, nice rig and rather rare to have the complete set up  :thumb-up: .  So I assume is 240v as you are in Europe
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Pim Bos

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Well, actually it used to be 220 V in the Netherlands when ADA manufactured it. See the picture.
At the moment Dutch current is about 230V - which works fine.

During the 50s and 60s, the home connections in the Netherlands were converted to 220 V by the electricity company.

In order to harmonize the voltages used in various countries, it was decided in Europe to gradually increase the voltage to 230 volts between 1988 and 2004. This was a compromise between the continental 220 V and the British 240 V.

For more info see
It's in Dutch, so use Google Translate.
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