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Author Topic: Gear decisions.. need advice  (Read 2534 times)

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Gear decisions.. need advice
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I need help on deciding which gear to keep, as most must be sold.
I'll be selling all strictly unneeded gear, like a Lexicon MPX G2, my 2nd MP-2, my recording RME 9½" rig, Mackie HR624's and other things.
Ideally (given my housing situation), I should keep only one MP-2, but..

My last rig was: MP-2, Digitech TSR-24S, Lexicon Vortex, and an ADR Gemini compressor/limiter as a finalizer, plus either a Behringer 1010 or a Rocktron All Access as footwear.

To keep some basic ability for getting back to music in a years time or so, I could preemptively prepare a more basic sound with an MP-2 and just a reverb pedal in the loop, but I have the feeling I'd quickly get stuck in the groove without the range of effects from the TSR-24S. As I would likely miss the Vortex for solo delays.
Add to this that neither the TSR nor the Vortex sells expensively..
The All Access is actually compact for its feature set - but damn heavy ;)

What I keep must be kept at low foot print real estate and weight, as it'll go in storage for later intl shipping.
Give me a helping virtual hand, guyz :wave:
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Re: Gear decisions.. need advice
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Brainstorm over; decisions taken. Sometimes it helps just writing about it ;)
I'll keep one mp-2, the Vortex, the ADR, the All Access, and likely one guitar.
It's already packed, as is most [few remaining] things that'll go on sale.
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