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Author Topic: Digitech Studio Quad V2  (Read 8060 times)

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Re: Digitech Studio Quad V2
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I think by now Boss has well overcome this and are hitters in their own right and have been for some time.

But back to the point, in my investigation into other units quite a few of them have predefined algorithms.  But my trouble is I wasn't sure what the hell any of them were for.  I was looking at this through serial connection only.  And now that I've realised how to get the serial connection to work I'll probably stick with that. My trouble as the mixer settings.

Say I was using chorus, and I had a mix of 50 dry and 50 wet on each channel, well the output of the chorus needs to be 100% going into the next effect.  Then the next effect (reverb in this case) you have to have the mix 100% each channel and then control the mix of both effects using the reverb output.  Taking this output down fully leaves a dry guitar signal, adding it back in gives you the chorus going into the reverb effect blend.  I still don't fully get why this is but it seems to be the way it works.  Now I'm not sure what way it will work with a third effect inserted before the Chorus but I'll soon find out.  I'll never use the RSS effect so literally only mod, delay reverb I need this unit for and perhaps occasionally the eq.
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Re: Digitech Studio Quad V2
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Hey RG, it seems (though not shown on the diagrams on pg 17) that there is a direct L/R bus that the Fx chain mixes back into (Dirct: Direct level), so on a mixer this would be like the the preamp output routed/assigned direct to the main L/R outs.  The Fx chain is then mixed into this bus controlled overall by the last effector in the chains output level.  Apart from Eq (which is strictly serial (in the Fx chain) when it's in), all the other Fxs let you mix (they call it balance) the amount of effect with whatever their input signal is (i.e. from the previous effector/unit in the chain).  So these all mix into the Fx chain in parallel and the whole Fx chain is like a parallel loop (send/retrn) with the dry signal.  So having the last effector/unit in the chain (normally reverb) at 100% wet is how you'd do it with a mixer as it is then being mixed with the dry input signal (controlled by the Dirct: Direct Level) and the last effector units output level.  So think 4 faders, panned L/R in pairs, 1&2 are direct (MP1), and 3&4 is the Fx return all assigned to the main mix bus.

The effector chain is like (conceptually) a separate mixer with a stereo send for each effector all coming back into separate L/R channel pairs which have their own sends (like on a mixer).  This isn't quite as versatile as a mixer in that the effectors are in a preset (algorithm) order (albeit variable to some extent).
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