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Author Topic: Lexicon MPX1  (Read 9860 times)

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Re: Lexicon MPX1
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The other problem with that is memory. The reverbs run on a separate chip so you can always run a reverb. The other chip does not allow you to run very many effects on it at once. I can run a great pitch shift but no delay or chorus. Or a great delay but nothing else. So I paired it with my MP2. I run it in the MP2's loop with a 25% mix. I use chorus and other effects from my MP2 and use the MPX1 for the three things the MP2 doesn't have, i.e. Pitch, Delay and Reverb.
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Re: Lexicon MPX1
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Has this improved in the later units ? I was looking at the MX300 yesterday and it looked like a good thing to buy but I'd want pitch shift and delay as well as reverb.
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Re: Lexicon MPX1
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So how does that solve the lag Harley?

I'm not sure how it does it, I've just noticed that when I assign the Lexicon gear it's own channel and give it program changes directly, there isn't any lag in the effects switching.

That;s what I like about the Ground Control. It can be set up to control 8 MIDI units on their own individual channels independently. I use the odd numbered channels with my system, to control multiple MIDI units in the same rack. This in itself eliminates the natural 8ms lag that you get in a daisy-chain MIDI setup.
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