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Author Topic: Line 6  (Read 4170 times)

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Line 6
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This was a night of firsts, and lasts.  First night I played out fully using line 6 gear, no ADA gear (*sadface*).  Also the first night I played out with many other changes, and last night I played in a regular gigging band.  (Although, I had some *very* fun fill ins and gigs after, work is now in the way of that).

That aside, I think Line 6 gear can deliver some serious tone when playing.  Not the same feel as real tubes, even with the latest, but very light weight and very acceptable.


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Re: Line 6
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What exactly from Line6 are you speaking of? I ask because I had a HD500, was decent for studio work however I never took the chance on using it live for gigging. I didn't mind the amp modeling as much as I felt their effects were just lacking something. With the exception of the delays OMG, they are nice.
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Re: Line 6
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I always thought that it could be a good complement of normal/vintage gear.
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Re: Line 6
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I payed through an entry level line 6 a while ago (my friend bought for his daughter).  I found the blues rock setting quite usable (though took me 20 mins to tune her guitar, it's really crap  :facepalm: ), but this was at low volume. They certainly have their place.
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