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Lets get Technical > All Things Tube All about preamp and power amp Tubes.

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Author Topic: Peavey Rockmaster  (Read 8434 times)

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Re: Peavey Rockmaster
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......the tech said JJs are some of the worst tubes you can buy and they fry your circuit boards or something to that effect?  Have any of you guys ever heard of such a thing? 

I know people like to get hung up on certain brands and that is fine, but it's important to also remember that a lot of those brands do not manufacture their own tubes.   There are only 3 actual tube manufacturers left operating in the world at present and Groove Tubes, MesaBoogie, Fender, Ruby, etc. are NOT one of them. Those are relabeled.

That said, I completely trust JJ/Tesla factory to make quality tubes.  I also only buy new tubes from a reputable dealer who tests/grades/matches the tubes they sell. 


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Re: Peavey Rockmaster
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Maybe he's had a few dud JJs to cause him to have that opinion  :dunno: .  Allot of Boogie tubes are rebadged JJs, they do allot of testing on any tubes they rebadge and discard any that aren't up to scratch.  RGs approach should ensure that whatever tubes you buy are good quality and thus shouldn't cause any issues to your circuit boards.  BTW that's the first time I've ever heard that about JJs.
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Re: Peavey Rockmaster
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Never heard of anything like that about JJ's before.  Very weird indeed.

I do know I had a batch of ordinary JJ's the last ones I bought in fact and they were garbage.  Some didn't work at all and give me a weak output.

I literally have tried lots of combos and in one Rockmaster I have 4 Groove Tubes (came with something I bought) and it sounds great.  And in the other two tung sols in 1 and 2 then I have those cryo JJ's from watford valves in the UK.  The JJ's came with something I bought also and I decided I liked them.  I had 4 JJ cryos in that unit at one point then experiments with the Tung Sols for more warmth for the rockmaster.

For me I have to say tubes seems to be expensive experiments.  I hope they next time I buy some and go with those brands I currently a using I get some consistency with the sound.
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