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Author Topic: NAD, sort of  (Read 3306 times)

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NAD, sort of
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Hi there,

some of you may remember my thread (there) about finding a lightweight poweramp for my MP-1. I've been hesitating for years.
Well, on impulse (sic) I've decided for something slighlty different and bought a Two Notes Torpedo Live. I got it used (it was already second hand so I'm the third owner) but you could not tell by looking at it, it looks brand new (I'm guessing it was used only in home studios).

Basically it's a load box and a cabinet+mic simulator in one, in a rack format. I don't need the loadbox because this jewel comes with a poweramp emulation section (complete with tube type and power amp distortion) as well as terrific cab emulations and IR compatibility.

So I'm now gigging even lighter than before: for 2kg, I no longer need to carry my poweramp and cab, just plug straight into the PA and get my sound through the monitoring wedges.

I've yet to tweak my settings but my experiments with it are very promising, and I can say it doesn't feel digital at all (I'm always reluctant to go digital, but here I have no reservation).
I took the plunge for several reasons. First there was this Youtube video by Pete Thorn about the Torpedo CAB (basically the same thing in a pedal format, without the load box) and then the glowing endorsements of the Torpedo Studio (the professional model designed for the studio) by Steve Stevens and Michael Wagner, no less! Also I think John Suhr says good things about the Torpedo Live. And it seems that many professional players are turning to this unit too for their live tours.

At first it may seem expensive, but once you try it, it no longer seems so. If you have the opportunity to try the Torpedo devices, I encourage you to do so, you will be impressed.

Oh and it's made in France, which is a bonus and a matter of pride for me.


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Re: NAD, sort of
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Hey WB, so you are still using your MP1 and the 2Ntorpeado as your amp ? Personnally I'd go with the Carvin DCM200L, 1 RU, super light and real amp, but then I'd rather have "my" sound not try to emulate it, each to their own though. In the not so old days, some used SANS amp, not bad, but MP1 shat on it IMO. Compare here in RevRock, it's not hard to tel the difference (MP1/SANS amp) hey not that the SANSamp is bad...(
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Re: NAD, sort of
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Those 2 notes emulators sound good,saw a few clips from Mark Day testing the the friedman BE-100 with the 2 notes as load/ cab emulator and it sounded really good.Too bad it's so expensive.
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