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Another New Album Done!


Well, it's been a few years in the making but we aren't making any claims to be like Boston.... ;)
Truth is, Life just happens and while the three of us wanted to be as diligent as possible about getting things done in a timely manner sometimes we just had to get our own important Life things done first.  Stuff happens.

But without further ado, here is a link to our latest album hosted on Youtube:
OV MOROS - Of Whisperings and Reflections

It's a loose concept album that the lyrics were actually written a few years ago, well before this current pandemic came about but some things sort of ring through today.  The story is that in the sometime future the Earth has finally had enough of Man's destructive ways and is forcing us to either find someplace else to live...or become extinct.   Nature began changing all its plans and that made it less habitable for us.  Then the resulting panic, crime, and chaos take its effects after that to decimate the Earth's 8+ billion population to less than one billion people left.   A collaboration between the United States, France, and Russia has produced many rockets with shuttle crafts to be used as "escape craft" for people to travel away from Earth to search for other places to hopefully live and survive.  The problem is, there is not enough escape crafts for everyone to be saved so only people under a certain age and deemed upstanding and "worthy" of perpetuating our species are eligible to be saved.  A Lottery is then used to determine which one of those eligible people will actually go.  (Not the "perfect" idea after all, as one of the refugees was secretly an actual serial killer back on Earth, and that person still continues the struggle to repress those psychological traits)  Those left behind can only helplessly watch the rockets go and hope they will find peace and somehow continue our species.   But as Fate would have it, the Universe has other plans.....

Hope you enjoy it, and while it's not going to be everyone's cup o' tea I hope it still stirs an emotion or three. 

Some details:   No autotune, quantization, sims, drum samples, or impulses were used in favor of real amps, speakers, drums, and mics.  The only samples used are the things we couldn't create with our own instruments:  wind, rocket engines, radio signal beeps, explosions, etc.  The Peavey JSX halfstack was used for recording all guitar except for where noted.  All keys, organ, and Mellotron effects were done with guitar through the EHX Mel9 and C9 pedals.

"The Launch"  features the guitar split between the MP-2/Rocktron Xpresssion and the volume pedal/EHX C9 recorded with room mics all done in real time with one take and no guitar overdubs.   Each language heard (English, French, and Russian) was recorded in our studio by real people.

"Nomad"  has a rapid thumping of the guitar headstock and open strings through a wah pedal for the intro, and a detached trem bar tapping the strings for the "beeps".   Also using the MP-2 and Xpression for the Leslie effect in the beginning part of the song where the guitar actually starts playing.

"Of Whisperings and Reflections" uses the Mr. Black Bloodmoon pedal straight into the amp for the modulated Reverb heard on the Clean beginning.

"Polybius" uses the Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter on the "Step" setting to get that computer-y arppegiating sound.

Thanks for checking it out!   :bow:

Harley Hexxe:
Will do!

Listening, I am really liking this so far!  Great job!

Nice one Kim, will check it out later.  Good job getting anything out through all this.

Well I wouldn't expect anything less
--- Quote ---No autotune, quantization, sims, drum samples, or impulses
--- End quote ---

But I can live with Impulses  :thumb-up:  Particularly if you don't got access to isolation rooms etc.

I wish I woulda seen this yesterday...heading to work now. I got something to look forward to this evening  :banana-rock:

Can't wait


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