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New Interface: RME Babyface Pro

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I knew I would be looking for a new interface sometime, my old faithful is at the end of life chain with no further OSX (or Windows Support).  A couple of things happened and I found myself in a situation where I could get a new decked out Mac Mini M1 for my iMac so I pulled the trigger and found myself looking for a new interface.   There are some partially supported options for Big Sur and Apple silicon chips (mainly USB class compliant interfaces - but their mixing software is behind), but RME, not surprisingly was the first one to immediately support the new version.

I did look and get a used previous version (Babyface Pro instead of Babyface Pro FS).  RME is not cheap by any means.  :/

After playing with it for a bit today, my first impressions are:

This thing makes me feel old.  So many routing and other options for such a simple looking interface.  Driver installation was a breeze and so was updating firmware, and getting to a basic point of recording and playback was easy, but that's just scratching the surface of what this thing can do.  It should definitely fulfill any need I have for the next decade or so of recording.

It sounds great, but realistically, most modern interfaces do.  The latency is impressive, < 3 ms roundtrip at 48khz 24 bit.  < 1.5 ms direct monitoring.   Not a huge deal given I don't need/use monitoring the way I have my setup arranged, but nice to have that option.  It definitely seems cleaner than my other interfaces (Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 and MOTU Audio Express) but those were already what I wouldn't scoff at for sound or performance either.

Hopefully I will get a chance to do a little more recording and work on finishing something this weekend, but if not, I will have next weekend with the new DAW machine also.

Congrats on the new toy!

Peter H. Boer:
Great little toy.

I've been using RME (Fireface UCX & ADI-2) for years now, rock solid and clean as a whistle.

 8) 8)

I've been using RME for a number of years and they're rock solid, never had a crash. Of course there are glitches from time to time, but the PC is running itself low on memory to cause it. 48k and lighting fast. Congrats on RME.

I just finished my first project and tracking with it, and I love it  There is a definite clarity that I was missing before.


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