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New Instrumental Album Released

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Black Haus, very well done!! loved the Criminal Tendencies song!!


--- Quote from: Black_Haus on July 10, 2018, 06:41:03 PM ---Yea I know it's been a long time. Sorry.
I don't much online socializing these days. Do you guys still do the ADA Jams. I have to give credit to Jurrie & The ADA Depot for getting me into the recording aspect of music and now t's about all do anymore.

--- End quote ---
And maybe drive cars  >:D (just based on the avatar)We started some jam stuff ages ago but it didn't get any particular traction  :facepalm: oh well seems we are all so time poor these days... Zilthy posted about getting something going recently, we should climb on board.

Peter H. Boer:
Nice  :bow:

Thanks for taking the time to listen guys I really appreciate it. Hopefully there is something on there you'll like or maybe get some inspiration from.

Marshall JMP,

Glad to hear you liked "Criminal Tendencies" 

I'd be up for a Jam if there is enough interest.

Holy fok, I've been missing out here on the depot!
Great stuff Black_House :headbanger: :banana-rock:


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