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New Instrumental Album Released

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Hey guys,

Been awhile, hope all is well with everyone.  Been busy the last year working on new music.  Just released my latest collection of songs on an instrumental album.




The Haus is full again ;)  Good to see you again :wave:
The youtube link comes up with Video not available.
No biggie for me, works off your site.
Good stuff, very progressive, me likes :bow:

Hi Van,

Thanks for listening. Sorry about the error, hopefully the links will work now, I added another link as well. If not, the https://www.zeroempire.net link should work for all.

Thank again

Hey Black_Haus, very nice  :thumb-up: and great to hear from you again, been a while...

Yea I know it's been a long time. Sorry.

I don't much online socializing these days. Do you guys still do the ADA Jams. I have to give credit to Jurrie & The ADA Depot for getting me into the recording aspect of music and now t's about all do anymore.


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