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New Album Done!

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That's some pretty neat work you guyz put into this album.
Do I sense some old-school Black Sabbath inspirations?

Thanks, everyone!   :bow:

Stanski is responsible for nearly all the Production work.  I'm proud to say the guitars are 100% ADA...no reamping into impulses, sims, or anything like that.  A few places the MP-2 was used, and it came from the Record Outs of that preamp.  But the QuadTube was used mostly though and it got mic'd up with two mics (one close Panned L, one room Panned R) then double tracked (one close Panned R, one room Panned L)

Influences?   Well....I used to be a thrash player, so Slayer may be in there but I'm all Slayer-ed out if I'm honest, hence my slower and heavier direction these last few years.  The Trouble/Candlemass references are about right on.  I've been a huge Candlemass fan ever since they started and even though I lost interest in them briefly during those "rotating vocalist member" years between Messiah Marcolin's tenure as the voice of Candlemass I do like Robert Lowe's versions as well.  The Trouble influence came a bit later, and I kick myself for not getting them more than I previously did.   Black Sabbath?  Well, that may be a no-brainer but while that would be a direct lineage for 95% of heavy bands, I'm just trying for a more modern Sabbath rather than blatantly ripoff their classic sound.

There's a lot of "feels" in this album, and we intentionally left it somewhere less than perfect because let's face it, sometimes you have to just "....dance on fire as it intends".

The storyline hits me pretty good; each song is a chapter in itself, and I have to say in Music it's f**king time to get back to telling stories again!  The conflict here could have been as real as Time itself.  This really. could. have. happened, and I've obsessed over this story ever since I was a young child.  It needed to be told.
The 3 songs uploaded are setting the time, event, place...and the crime.  But the real shit is about to hit the fan.....  :-X

So thank you for checking it out! We'll keep you updated when the discs actually arrive.  The rest of the album may or may not be uploaded to Reverbnation; my guess is that will wait for some period of time until after the cd becomes available.   

Been a fan of Trouble when they released their "Skull" album and saw a few times live. They have a really distinctive sound and live they are also very good. But IMHO Trouble is more a classic metal band and not so much a doom band. Same goes for Candlemass but they are more doom sounding then Trouble. Altough their latest albums are quite heavy.

FYI in case you didn't know....Eric the singer and Ron the bassist of Trouble formed a new band called The Skull that also features Lothar from Sacred Dawn and Rob from Witch Mountain on guitars.  Check them out!!

Update:  the CDs are in!   :whoohoo!:


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