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New Album Done!

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Well, my band's full-length concept album is officially released!   :whoohoo!:

Waiting for the cd duplications to arrive, but uploaded first 3 songs to Reverbnation for your early consideration:   ;)   
"Arrival", "The Fort", "Betrayal".

F***ing AWESOME!! Congratulations man!!!

One question; what's an album? Is it a collection of photos?

Very Nice Kim :headbanger:
Is that a bit of Slayer influence I hear??? :thumb-up:
Sounds really good, definitely something to be proud of!
Kudos  :metal:

Harley Hexxe:

--- Quote from: Dante on July 15, 2017, 07:56:37 AM ---F***ing AWESOME!! Congratulations man!!!
--- End quote ---

+1 :thumb-up:

   Heavy Duty Stuff!!! Great production work Kim, I love the heavy vibe in that.

Wauw Kim I'm impressed , but little too fast for me  :facepalm:  ::)

Nah it's really good, I hear a lot of trouble/candlemass influences. Perfect mix between these 2 bands!!

Recording is also very good!!!!  I'll buy one for sure.


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