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Sounds good Gerry!

BTW: I fixed your YouTube link to show the video in the thread  :thumb-up:

haha thanks Dante.  I work in IT and I did not realise how to do that hahahaha

Hey RG Cool, I enjoyed that  :thumb-up: , great tone and nice playing, and you looked like you were having fun!!!

Thanks man  :)

Yeah I like that tone, super mid rangey.

I was enjoying it, but concentrating very hard as I didn't want to embarrass myself and I wanted to make as good a video of playing as possible.  I've often admired others on YT doing something similar and I wanted to test myself.  I had practiced the song 1millions times so I wont lie about that.  I learnt it by ear, as there is no tab for that since it's a pretty obscure band.

Why i started smiling at the end was my girlfriend came up the stairs and started to pretend to sing along!  I didn't mind at that point as I knew I was home and dry but had she done it before the solo it would have distracted me and I'd have made a mistake lol

Hey RG, yeah I could tell you'd put some work into it and you did a good job working out the bits  :thumb-up:   I still pretty much work everything out by ear, there was no tab when I was learning.  Sometimes I pick up something from a tab that I just can't quite hear what the guitar is doing, though generally I find tabs frustrating, they are often wrong and I end up just wanting to fix them up. :facepalm: .  But then (as I'm sure Mike will attest to) I often change things a bit, kind of make it my own (if you know what I mean).


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