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Place to discuss input/preamp tubes

Started by rnolan, July 26, 2014, 09:05:55 AM

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I get mine from Evatco here (http://www.evatco.com.au/product-list/?filter_product_brand=47, the 12AX7 is the long plate and the CV4004 is the short plate, they are both 12AX7s), but dougs tubes have both (http://www.dougstubes.com/preamp-tubes/12ax7-ecc83-7025/mullard-12ax7.html). You may get a good deal from Evatco though as the AUD is very low right now ? I got my last 6 tubes from Evatco as they are in Oz and all good  :thumb-up: Dougs has them for $20 USD, Evatco are currently $32 AUD less 10% GST (tax) to you (coz your not here, though I'd like it if you were LoL).
From another thread I'm getting that a Mullard long plate in V1 and 2 nice tight tubes in V2/3 is a good combination for 3TM. Hey I'd put in 3 long plates  >:D and crank the fu%k out of it, but I grew up living on the edge with very high gain Marshalls etc cranked up full and learned to tame it (not everyone's cup of tea).
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