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All My Patches from my MP-1

Started by Satch, April 20, 2014, 08:52:24 AM

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Attached is the file that contains all the patches (*.syp files) that are loaded in my MP-1. Thanks for all who provided patches. Another thanks to Steve Clifford, Kev and Phil for some of these patches.


Go Satch, your the patch king  :metal: thanks for sharing  :thumb-up:
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El Chiguete

Ok, so can someone make a thread on how to open this files or how to put them on your MP1?
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Hey El Chiguete, the manual details the process quite well, you do need a program on your PC that will talk sysex (like file manager but a bit more specific), IIRC MJMP recommended (http://www.bome.com/products/sendsx/downloads, is this the one MJMP? hope so...) and you need a midi interface on/to you PC/laptop, some sound cards have a midi interface (as do some I/O modules), or you can buy a Midi to USB interface but you need to "talk" to the computer from your MP1/2, MB1 from its Midi out via this interface.  The software reads/loads the files to and from ADA MP? <> PC.
BTW once you get it hooked up, it's quite easy to backup/load. (you can even read the saved files with a text editor (e.g. notepad) and manually program... done that...)
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These are not sysex files but a syp file.Don't know this kind of extension.Maybe satch can explain?


Sorry I didn't provide more details. These files come from a great MIDI Controller Patch Editor and Librarian created by Kent Dalton. Unfortunately his website is not available anymore not sure what happened to him. This works for the MP-1 but not for the MP-1 Classic, MP-2 for editing and backing up patches. It requires a MIDI interface equipped PC with Direct X installed and an ADA MP-1 with Software version 2.0 or higher. I am searching for the documentation but if anyone has it would greatly appreciate you post. I will look around my archives to see if I have the documentation that supports this program. I tried to attach setup but only allowed 2000KB. Dante, anyway to get this size increased or another area to upload on site?


Ok this is an older thread but seems pertinent to another post. Hey Satch, you can upload up to 10MB now if you see this and want to post the librarian file that uses the .syp extension.
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Created Discussion called Midi Editor and placed all my documentation and s/w there.