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Depot New Registrations Temporarily Suspended

Started by rnolan, December 20, 2018, 02:08:36 AM

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For all who wish to register for the forum - Due to a deluge of miscreant member registration attempts (hopefully just related to xmas rip offs  :dunno: ) We have temporarily suspended new user registrations.  If you are a valid worthwhile "real" individual who wishes to participate in forum discussions (BTW you can do everything as a guest except post) you can contact us via the Need Help button and be registered manually by one of our Admins.
Sincere apologies for having to take this action, we will review and revisit this decision in the new year but for now we must protect our site (as best we can) from this internet borne scourge  :facepalm:
Regards ADA Depot Admin Team
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