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How do voicings map to MP-1?

Started by Eric, May 10, 2022, 08:42:31 AM

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Harley Hexxe

Hey Gents,

    I used to be in the same situation with the EQ's in the MP-2, but as Kim pointed out trying to use both will drive you a little crazy.

    Like you, (Kim & Richard), I found that using one or the other works with a lot less fuss. As Kim stated, you can get a tone dialed in at a low volume, but at a stage volume it would not work out so well. I would generally try cutting back on the gain at higher volumes on the MP-2, because it's easy to go overboard with the distortion in that preamp. Sometimes, that would work, other times, I'd have to tweak the EQ again at higher volume.

     I like to just set the parametric EQ with the initial program now, and just boost or cut the graphic EQ in areas that need it, like on the Fat High Gain voicing, I'll cut a bit of the bass at higher volumes because it can get pretty flubby. I may also boost the high mids and bring down the highs a little. It's all about what you need for the song you're using it in.

@ Richard: I'm with you on ebay

@ Eric: wait until you get into using the built in wah in the MP-2.

Harley 8)
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Hey Eric, no worries.  I was a bit frustrated that the factory presets were listed in the MP-1 manual but not the MP-2 (which is a longer, but very interesting read).  So I set up the word table and got my daughter to do the data entry while I scrolled through all the presets.  I hadn't looked at it for a long time until now.

I suspect you'll find tweaking the eq a whole lot easier using the editor (which I had a quick look at when it was posted and I downloaded it but haven't used in anger yet).  Fiddling with the eq is a bit painful just using the up down and side to side buttons.  With it on screen you should be able to adjust them all quickly and hear the results.  Just to reiterate what we've posted quite a few times, it's best to run up patches at stage level (or as close as you can) then turn the level down for lounge/bedroom etc. as the sounds really open up and can sound quite different at volume.
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As Harley says, the wah is pretty impressive, I have one patch with triggered wah (triggers when you pick the note).  Also the compressors pretty useful (I use it on my clean patch) and the tremolo is also a nice feature.
So IIRC when I got the MP-2 back in the day, I went with patch 1 Big Fat Crunch and tweaked it for my initial rock patches.  I did much the same with the MP-1 when I bought one, patch1 Marshall.
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