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MP2 ver 1.33

Started by Neal Saenz, December 23, 2021, 04:00:31 PM

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Neal Saenz

Powered it up today, get a high pitched squeal and blacked out display. Turn it off and back on, every thing is normal except no saved presets and the default preset 01 is now empty. Any suggestions?


Hey Neal, well that's not something I've come across before.  No saved presets will most likely be dead memory battery.  This has been happening in MP-1s for quite a while now.  The original 3v batteries are way past their use by dates and need replacing.  The MP-2 battery mounts vertically (MP-1 mounts flat to the PCB) and I haven't come across a battery holder that would work.  I replaced one in one of my MP-2s.  I bought a CR2032 with attached "legs" and had to bend the legs quite a bit to line up with the PCB connection points (probably easier to attach a short wire to one leg). Hopefully this is all that is wrong  :dunno: .  You should be able to reload the factory presets using the "Copy Presets to User" see pg 50 in the manual (http://adadepot.com/index.php?topic=659.0).  The last EPROM for MP-2 is v 1.41 which has faster program change (original MP-2 had an annoying lag) but you have to switch it to "Fast" in the global settings (System Edit).  You can get an EPROM from MJMP (http://www.marshalljmpmodshop.net/) or PM/email him from here.  If you've not read the User Manual before or haven't for a while, give it a good end to end read.  I just flipped through it to find the Copy Presets bit for you and got reminded the MP-2 has some cool Macros I've never experimented with....
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You can find the original battery's on the Mouser website. Don't remember the type but I'm sure I mentioned it in one of the posts here.