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Hi all. Simple but relatively mind-consuming (at least my mind is consumed  :???:) question about my rack equipment and how to properly connect each of them.
I have an Ada Mp1, a Yamaha spx90ii rack multieffect (soon to arrive), and a Boss Me5 pedalboard (Me5 is all analog except delay and reverb) and a Peavey Classic 50/50 poweramp

Right now i'm using Boss me5 in the mp1 effect loop only for delays, with loop level knob on the mp1 at the max and me5 master volume at 5.0 (unity gain). Volume is the same with loop in or out. Oh and I'm using Me5 midi capabiities to change Mp1 presets but there is a considerable lag when switching.

Now I'm thinking to add a dedicated rack multieffect such as Yamaha Spx90ii for modulated effects (pitch, reverb, delay), so first question:
-Better to run the spx90 in mp1 fx loop (it is righ to have mp1 loop knob at max or not?) or link the two in series with the spx90 going in the poweramp?

Second question: my goal is to have an inspired Huff/Landau/80s sound so I really do'n know if these guys were running effects in loop or series. In the past I tryed a Korg A2 after the mp1 and it was so much better in effects loop..

At the moment I have just a 1x12 150 watt cabinet but I wish soon to run in stereo.

Could you please help me link all togheter?

As far as I remember, the SPX90 has quite good vintage sound.
I'd suggest using it one either in the MP1 loop or between the MP1 and power amps.
I would run my axe cable to the ME5 on the floor, for pre-shaping tone via it's build-in stomps and compressor (which works differently than the MP1 comp), and forget about it's digital effects - well, you just might get some interesting effects out of it nevertheless ;)

I can't advice about the MIDI switching lag, but such issues has been up before with other gear, so no worries, mate.

Come to think of it.. the ME5 is relatively inexpensive on the market..  I just might obtain one myself to be used as a pre-shaper in front of my MP2  :bow:

So you suggest Guitar to Boss Me5 then from Me5 to Mp1 Input, from Mp1 to Spx90 (in series or via loop) then poweramp (from mp1 if I have spx in loop or from spx90 to it if i'm running yamaha in series).
But which is the right method to connect all the gears if I want to run my rig in stereo and have effects such as delays going left and right?
Two preamps is not an option at the moment. I watch a Landau videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2dyCvEUvv0 where he explains his rig, where If i'm not wrong he use the cabinet on the middle for his dry signal and 2 cabinet left and right for the wet, but I'm not able to figure out how the gear is connected. 

I don't know if there's an alternative way to achieve a stereo sound with only two cabinet...Peavey classic 50/50 has line out, direct out....and my 1x12 has an input for another cabinet...
Maybe just going from spx90's outs to poweramp ins and from there to two cabinets?

Ahh yes, the MP1 has stereo output but only mono effects loop..
So, for stereo, run MP1 -> SPX90 -> amps and cabs.
Your Peavey classic 50/50 is stereo, but you will need two cabs.

Hey auto84, the way Van suggest will work but you loose the stereo of the MP1 and its chorus (which is probably better sounding than either the Me5 or the SPX90).  Unfortunately, the SPX is mono in stereo out (as were most units in that era).  You could put the SPX in the loop (and Me5 up front) but then no stereo delay/rev  :facepalm: .  Ideally you could use a small stereo mixer (min 4 ch) and feed the SPX from the mixer FX send. This way you get SPX and MP1 in stereo (works as a parallel loop).The MP1 loop is serial.  The loop knob/pot is a dual ganged reverse pot i.e. when you turn up the send level it turns down the return level and vis versa.However, the good thing about the loop is the send is always active (has signal, obviously vol controlled from the knob) regardless of weather the loop is on or off in the patch.  And your 50/50 has 2 input jacks per channel ( :whoohoo!: ).
So I would try MP1 send > SPX in, MP1 A/B out to 50/50 L/R in and SPX L/R out > 50/50 2nd L/R in thus using both input jacks on each channel of the 50/50.  The 50/50 input jacks are just parallel wired so the sound will combine (mix) at its inputs.  Set the SPX to be full wet (no dry sound) with its internal mix controls then balance the volume of the Fx to the MP1 via the SPX output (set the MP1 output level and then bring up the SPX output to tour taste.  This will work fine (adjust SPX input with both MP1 loop send knob and SPX input knob for good level) and all be in stereo.  Of course you need another cab.One slight limitation of this method is that the MP1 chorus won't get sent to the SPX as the chorus comes after the loop return in the MP1 so if you are using the MP1 chorus, it wont get any reverb (SPX) applied.  The mixer option is the best but you need to get one....
To get around any patch change lag you probably need to by a midi foot switch like the original ADA MC1 that came with them.  One of the best for the money seems to be the Behringer FCB1010.


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