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OK I've been looking at all kinds of different solutions to replace the Pitchtraq in the mp-2 I got the mixers and tried all that but it is adding to much gear so my question is what if I ran I channel out of the mp-2 with a Y cable back into both channels? it sounds unbalanced to me but if it could save rack space that would be great. Any suggestions would be cool thanks Steve.

Hey Steve, so I'm assuming you mean use the PT in the MP2 loop ?  When you say it sounds unbalanced, do you mean you've tried it and that's how it sounded ?I'm also assuming what you are trying to achieve is pitch shift on both MP2 channels  :dunno: like you can do reasonably easily with a mixer.If you run 1 MP2 send into the PT and return it via Y cable to the MP2 returns you'll get some phase cancellation as MP2 chB is inverted (180 degrees) from MP2 chA (this happens in the chorus stage which is before the Fx loop).  The PT was designed for MP1 loop which is mono and before the chorus.Easiest solution (if I understand correctly what you want) is put the PT before the MP2, but then you are distorting the PT out rather than applying PT to distorted signal (my preference) and also cant turn PT in/out via loop.To use it in MP2 loop using loop A as the PT input and not get phase issues, the loop B return signal needs to be inverted (to match MP2 chB direct signal).  So one way "may" be to  use a Y lead and reverse the wires on the chB return jack but this may not work as then PT out +ve is sent to ground/earth on chB  :dunno: . But maybe you could use the regen insert as your loop B return and invert that signal.  So to do this you use a stereo jack (at PT end), wire the tip and ring together (so you don't break the signal path in PT regen circuit), then wire the joined tip & ring to -ve of mono jack and -ve (sleeve) of stereo jack to +ve of mono jack, this peals the signal from the regen (which is harmonized ch A) and then inverts it back into loop B return.  Run the PT full wet and balance with the MP2 loop return levels.

Yes  a couple of ideas seems the mixer is just simplest. but I will tinker a round thanks Richard


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