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Here's two ways to configure the MP-2 with an fx unit and stereo poweramp.  The specific brand/model of the FX unit and poweramp may vary for your application; the ones listed in the drawings are simply the ones I happen to be using.

And of course you can combine the 2 methods, ie use the serial connection and put a second FX unit in the MP2 loop

One advantage of hooking the FX into the MP2 send/return loop is that you can often reduce the number of presets/settings needed in the FX, simply because of being able to dry/wet mix-in the amount of those fewer effects presets.
Tis how I always did it with my MP2 and Digitech TSR24-S.

You can also use the "4 cable method" where you put the effects both in front of the mp2 as well as in its effects loop. This allows effects to be inserted into the proper location in the signal chain.

Kim, these diagrams are great!

Can you add the aforementioned 4CM for everyone too? Hmmm?   ;D


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