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Harley Hexxe:
A B500B is a power amp for the Bi-amp Bass rigs. Are you sure that will sound good with a MP-1?

Nah not really it's actually just a stereo amp, a beefed up  B200S.It has both identical amps in it. The B500S and the G500S are identical amps.

Hey Harley, I thought that as well when I bought it, then MJMP set me straight  :thumb-up: , or I wouldn't have suggested it as an option.

Harley Hexxe:
You're talking about B500S.  But I was referring to B500B, which is what you mentioned in the thread above.

I thought there might have been an EQ tweak for bass guitar ass opposed to lead guitar, although I can speak from experience that the B200S has the warmest solid state power amp sound to it than the other ADA power amps I own. ( I may have a line on two more ).

What MJMP told me was the basic circuit is the same B200S, B500B, G500S.  And both the B500B and G500S are the same just more power.  I queried this as the B500B specs say one channel is more power than the other (no eq tweaks though), but MJMP assured me the 2 channels are the same and also there is no difference between B500B and G500S.


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