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Author Topic: Can this prototype be legit?  (Read 117 times)

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David Drake

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Can this prototype be legit?
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Needs repair Viper for sale on rverb_ If it is I will make a fair offer and try to purchase it. (Not that I need it) but as a rarity I would love to have this prototype in my collection.
I'll also see if someone maybe, MJMP can/ would help me recondition the guts as I refurbish the outside of this combo amp to pass it on to another. I have an almost mint one atm.
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Re: Can this prototype be legit?
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I saw that on Reverb - If I had the smarts, I'd try to fix that Viper....I don't have those smarts

I think that pedal could be legit - why would anyone fake it? I seem to remember someone here having another prototype pedal of some sort...was it Harley? I think it was for a snake charmer too...or possibly for the Quad Tube combo...can't remember now (my memory - she is not so good looking)

UPDATE: I just searched the forum and found it! Stanski had a snakecharmer prototype he was asking about in this thread - there is some great ADA history in this thread and some photos of said pedal - Enjoy!
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Re: Can this prototype be legit?
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Looks like a 4x4 case again. So I think it's a legit ADA prototype pedal.

I can help you out if you want.
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