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Benefit gig for my drummer :(

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Just an update: the gig went very well, we rocked the house. I have never played an entire set of songs in drop D tuning before, but now I have - haha

I had played the venue a thousand times, but I was surprised to see they renovated the place over the Covid shutdown. Much nicer place, but they still only pay $500-$600 per band...so there's that.

We donated our $500 to the cause. In fact, we had a big 5 gallon water bottle at the front of the stage to collect money. There were a few $100 bills, lots of $20s, very few $1 bills. That felt good, we raised a bunch of cash for the guy.

Ironically, the beneficiary was the founder of the band. He was sitting with our bass player and myself while the three of us watched another band. We were not in a band together at the time...just friends supporting other friends at their gigs.

Drummer looked around and asked the two of us...'When are we gonna get something together?' We nabbed the other guitar player from the crowd (also a friend of ours) and simply needed a singer. Drummer said he had a guy, and man he did

So yeah, Kevin Drummer put this band together. It's a shame he can't play anymore. I played in a ZZ Top tribute band with him, that was fun and I'm glad we got to pal around for a couple years doing that

I hope he and his hot wife take that money and go someplace comfy or dangerous. He's a great guy, he deserves it, always busted his ass all his life

Hey Dante, so glad it went well and you raised a bit of cash for Kevin.  Always a shame to loose special people (not that he's gone quite yet).  My mate down the coast died a few weeks ago, heart attack  :facepalm: .  We had his funeral 2 weeks ago and are having a play in his honor on the 20th Aug.  I bought his new Nord stage grand and some wedges from his daughter, mostly to make it easier for her to sell.

Harley Hexxe:
Hey Dante,

    That's great to hear! I'm glad the gig turned out to be a success. At least there some people are still gigging.

    I think I need to cruise out to the Left Coast and get into a jam with a few people. Who knows? :dunno:


--- Quote from: Harley Hexxe on July 27, 2022, 12:27:14 PM ---Hey Dante,

    That's great to hear! I'm glad the gig turned out to be a success.


--- End quote ---

+1 :thumb-up:

David Drake:
 Wonderful to hear this event was a success. Sounds like off the cuff wonderful Drop D musical bad arsery. Love it!


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