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Let us never forget our beloved founder - RIP Jurrie, we all miss you very much

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Author Topic: Thanks for having me!  (Read 613 times)

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Thanks for having me!
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I’m in BC, Canada, a professional working guitarist for 40-odd years, until Covid shut everything down.  Computer guy by day…

A few years back, I was browsing through a local music store, just passing the time.  They often have some nice vintage gear, and every so often some cool “old” stuff on consignment.  On that day, I came across a well-used MP-1 there.  I remember it being the “Holy Grail” back in the day; a piece of gear that cost big bucks when new, but I couldn’t afford.  This was being sold for $75 Canadian, so I thought “why not?”.

I took it home, and monkeyed around with it, but being used to modelling and profiling preamps, was disappointed it had no cabinet emulation, and it wouldn’t hold settings (backup battery dead).  It ended up in the closet of “stuff”.

Fast forward to about two weeks ago…  I dragged it out again, plugged it into my DAW, added an IR from the Waves GTR plugin, and it sounded great.  I did a battery mod, and have since been obsessed with dialling in the “perfect” sounds from dead clean to hard rock grind, with an eye to maybe putting it into my live rig (if the damned restrictions get lifted and we’re allowed to gig again). I even bought a Two Notes CAB to go with it.  It took a while to dial in a decent starting point - everything sounded either dead, or boxy with mids.  I now have a good set of patches.  It’s a Revision F mainboard, 1988, top switch, 2.01 firmware.

Good to see there’s an active community of folks dedicated to keeping these gens going!


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Re: Thanks for having me!
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Hey Moff40, welcome to the depot  :wave: . Another trick you can use (though now you have the cab sim probably doesn't matter) is use the head phone out direct to DAW, full range monitor, PA etc.  The HP out has a couple of caps to take off the top end so your patches sound the same (ish) in head phones.  It's obviously not as sophisticated as cab sims but does the first bit that cab sims do i.e. filter down the top end a bit.  Anyway, great to hear you've got it humming  :thumb-up:   Maybe share the patches in the MP-1 Patches child board (  We'd love to hear them also in the audio clip threads (
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