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My 2021 Videos with Gear, Goals and Guidelines

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I think I am off to a good start this year, 3rd song and video done.   I have mentioned feeling motivated and inspired in another thread, I am going to try to feed and fuel that inspiration through the year.   So I decided to start creating some SMART goals for music.  (For anyone who does not know SMART:  Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realist, Timely).

Goal:  Complete and publish a music video every week this year.  This is definitely a lot more concrete than in the past 'record music and videos and get better at them' and not too taxing, I am not being specific on each song, which leaves me open to style, etc.  The idea behind my thinking is that instead of trying to get better, I will actually improve just by doing it.  I think this weeks video is better than last weeks, which was better than the one before, etc.

Gear: Also a goal of mine, use only the gear I alread have.   And in the case of the DAW, use only what came with Logic Pro even if some of my other plugins become supported.  I think at this time, honing skills on what I already have will benefit me far more than anything additional.  I definitely have enough music and video gear to do quality productions, it's experience needed.  That said, the core gear:

DAW: M1 Mac mini, RME Babyface, Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro
Mics: AT3035, AT2021 and SM57
Guitars:  Gibson Les Paul, Harmony H814 Flying V, Daisy Rock Rock Candy Extreme, Zilth Custom
Amps: Synergy SYN-30 with SLO Module in to Boss WAZA Tube Amp Expander
Cabs: Crate 4x12 (Greenbacks and V30s) and ADA Split Stacks
Bass: Ibanez MiKro
Keyboards: M-Audio Hammer 88 and Roland LX17
Violin: Fiddlerman Soloist, Shar Plug'n Play electric
Drums: Roland V-Drums

That's pretty much my studio setup, and I just finished re-arranging it last month and only have a couple of small things to clean up/re-arrange.  BTW, 'studio' is a fancy name I am using for 'living room'. :)

Guidelines:  I think I have already covered the guidelines I have given myself, mainly do 1 per week, and use only what I have.   (Strings, picks, maintenance don't count) but for example, I will only use the SLO module.  When I got the Synergy, it was so I could have a bunch of amps and more tones without taking up too much room, but, I think I will take this year and really see what I can get out of what I already have.

That's pretty much it, here's to a fun year, and hopefully learning a few things!

I got my second video done over this last weekend, I wasn't sure I was going to, I haven't really felt well this last week, but I did squeak it in over the weekend.   The mix came together a lot faster this week than last week, setting up all of the busses and effects chains was much easier this time around, and not taking two months between songs, some short cuts I learned stuck with me.  I guess consistency is key here too, just like playing. :D

I am much happier with the sound I got on the bass this week, I made a couple of changes there.  I copied the DI bass to another track and then did an amp sim and blended them.  Much punchier sound that way.

Listening to them side by side, I *think* this week's overall mix sounds better than last weeks recording, but it's also a couple db louder so it could be that.  It's a bit too loud actually, but I hadn't noticed it until I played one after another.  And that's another guideline I am adding for myself:  Move on to next week.  Learn the lesson and continue.  I have so many tracks that I have never 'finished' because of this, always tweaking.

I am also getting a bit more used to my new process:  Produce, then mix, then master.

Peter H. Boer:
 :metal: :metal: :metal:

Very nice again  ;D

Nice basswork too :thumb-up:


--- Quote from: Peter H. Boer on January 25, 2021, 04:20:49 AM --- :metal: :metal: :metal:

Very nice again  ;D

Nice basswork too :thumb-up:

--- End quote ---

+1 :thumb-up:

Harley Hexxe:
Hey Zilthy,

     Pretty good there! "Play slow to play fast" is nothing more than learning to walk before you can run! It's all about building finger memory so you can do it without thinking about it.

     The bass sounds good too! Next, you'll be doubling your guitar tracks  :thumb-up:

     As far as getting better as a player goes, I can say this from experience: you'll get better the more you get into the music you're playing. It's not a conscious thing you do, it just kicks in when you are really digging what you're playing, and without thinking about it, you just begin getting more adventurous. We all do it sooner or later. You get caught up in the moment, then off you go!
     Your goals are sensible ones, but when you get caught up in the moment, then bend your own rules a little. You're allowed.

Harley 8)


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