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MIDI Controlling Stomboxes

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Chip Roberts:
I want to go via this signal chain:

Guitar -> SD1 -> NS2 -> ADA MP1 -> Quadraverb -> Jet City 333 effects return

What I want to do is patch the SD1 and NS2 to be bypassed for cleans/leads and on for rhythm.

So, this is how *I* would hook it up:

This would let me:

1 and 2 turn pedals on/off.

Select between ADA and Jet City (Why not?  Jet City's are *great* sounding amps!).   Loop 3 and 4 off would be the Jet City, 3 and 4 on would be the MP-1

Quadraverb in a loop so could be bypassed

Loop 8 switches channels on the Jet City (Unless you have a single channel version, then not needed)

Using the Ground Control Pro with it, you can setup patches for MIDI patch change message for each device (MP-1 and Quadraverb) as well as assign which loops are on/off.

Granted, it still doesn't solve the $500 price tag (used) but it opens a lot of possibilities.  I agree, way overkill for just switching one or two pedals on and off.   But, taking advantage of the other things it can do.... well that's a whole new game.

FWIW I got both my GCX switcher and Ground control pro for under $400 used, looking around and waiting.   Still a fair price tag, but considering the flexibility it adds to a setup, I think it's well worth it.

It's your money and your rig, ultimately you need to be happy with what it does and what you put in to it.  Just showing options.  :D

Chip Roberts:
This is SUPER helpful, thank you!  Trying to understand how to route everything through the manuals alone can get my brain in a pretzel sometimes. 


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