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Chip Roberts:
Hey Dudes,

I recently decided to pull the trigger on dialing in some modern metal sounds via the MP1.  Boss SD1 straight into the MP1 into the Jet City's effects return and we're in business.  The sounds is HUGE, but I can only get that sound with the SD1 running upfront.  I tried it via the MP1's loop, and I was either doing something wrong or it just wasn't working. 

What I would like to do is MIDI control the SD1 to turn on and off for different patches, while still controlling the MP1 and Quadraverb via the same system.  I know a lot of guys like loop switchers, like the BOSS ES8, but I don't think those can correspond via MIDI to the MP1, right?  I also can't justify spending $700USD on a big fat loop switcher just so I can turn overdrive off and on. 

Any insight you cats could provide would be extremely helpful.

It's normal that it sounds different in front, the loop is after the tube section so it will have a very different effect.

Maybe this is something you can use ?  http://www.voodoolab.com/hex_switcher.htm
There are others, so have a look around the net.

You will pretty much need a switcher or tap dance for that.  The hex switcher is nice, but you can get a GCX switcher used for less than hex new.

Now, you might think it’s overkill for one pedal, but you could also set it up for pre amp switching to switch between jet city pre and mp1, channel switching for the jet city and other things. I am using one currently and it’s a pretty flexible piece of kit.

I have modified the setup a bit from this,  it it’s pretty crazy what you can do.   I admit though, not exactly cheap, still looking at $500 for the GCX and GCP together used, but it is really slick.

Chip Roberts:
How does the GCX Switcher differ from the HEX?  Seems to me like the HEX has more ins/outs, so for my needs I feel like the GCX would be a simpler, and more cost effective, solution.

The intent is to run everything via MIDI from our tracks, so I don't have to push any buttons live.

The GCX has 8 fully independent loops, while the Hex has 2 independent loops - one with one pedal and the other with five from looks of it - I have not used a Hex though.  Hex can be on pedalboard or rack mounted and is 1/2 rack so 2 can be together in 1U. GCX is only rack mount.

GCX lis a lot more flexible, neither one is really complicated.  Either should give you midi control of what you need.  If you listed your gear I could do a diagram showing you how to setup a GCX/Ground control pro if you need.


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