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So I bought a Digitech TSR-24....................

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SO I bought a Digitech TSR-24 the other week and finally got testing it out last night.  It's a good unit, sounds pretty cool.  But it will take a while to get used with how to work it.

Anyways, there are mods for these units which really advance the basic unit substantially.

One is the firmware to version 2:0.  This effectively turns the unit into a TSR-24S which is supposed to be much better.

Two, having the firmware allows for two more mods, the first mod is allowing the processor clock to be advanced to 20MHZ.  This again adds more improvement to the unit.

Three, having the firmware 2:0 allows for a PPC-200/210 card to be installed which doubles the capabilities of your TSR-24S. Increased memory (adds 6MB SDRAM), 10 seconds (5 seconds stereo) of delay, you get 8 factory algorithms more, seamless Program Change.

So I want to do these mods for obvious reasons, but guess what?  (this is where the rant begins).

One guy in Germany sells all the mods.  ONE GUY!  The firmware is available in other places, but that's only part of the upgrade.  So I went to this guy's online shop and picked out all the mods and was getting ready to buy when I read this:

No sale or delivery to countries within the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA)!

So I contacted the guy and asked why?  And he just said he could not sell to me.  No explanation.  Nothing.  I probed further and said technically I don't live in the EU anymore.  His response..........

"I will clarify that with my lawyer and let you know"

WHAT????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

That response seemed pretty smart ass to me.  So I replied again saying, yes it's true the UK has left the EU.  I also threw in for good measure that I know people in Germany and could I not get them to buy items but he didn't reply back.

So how come some asshole in Germany is the only guy with all the mods for this unit and why will he not sell to countries in the EU????  He lives the in the EU.  Technically I no longer do so what is the problem?  How does an idiot like this do business?  Totally idiotic.  Thankfully I do have a brother in Germany and some good friends so I will either get them to order and then post to me or else find someone else who has these mods.

If anyone else knows anything about this unit or how to obtain mods without going to the German guy then please let me know as I actually don't want him to get my money for being really unhelpful.  I'm sure he sells billions of these everyday  :lol: so he's reluctant to sell to someone in N.Ireland  >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

Hey RG, well great on the getting it going front  :whoohoo!: :thumb-up: .  What is this German guy on about  :dunno: :crazy: .  Doesn't make any sense to me.  His no sale spiel includes Germany right? it's in the EU (some would argue is the EU).This mob say they ship to Ireland in there shipping FAQ (http://www.nocrotec.com/shop/shop_content.php/coID/1/content/Payment-and-delivery/XTCsid/c0e41d758e344d20c26df33df051aaa4), or is this the same one you were dealing with?

Yes so he got back to me one more time and said no sales to Germany effectively ruling out my plan to get the items sent to someone I know in Germany as an alternative.  :facepalm:

What the  :crazy: is going on?

I replied again and said so you will not sell the items to someone in Germany, not even if they come to your house??

He didn't reply.

Makes no sense.  So I also asked him could he just sell me the firmware chips as they did not have the notification on their page stating that the could not be sold to the EU or EE

 :lol: Richard, that's the same guy man!  And yes there are price listings to the UK and Ireland so what gives???

Technically I live in the UK and not the Republic of Ireland.  The bit that brits still own unfortunately, so I myself by law am allowed to saw I am Irish and I have an Irish passport by where I live is still owned by Britain and is part of the UK despite having devolved government.  People here have the right to identify as either British or Irish.  I am Irish  :thumb-up:  If I lived down south in the Republic of Ireland I would be in the EU.  Where as the UK has opted to leave the European Union.  Something I voted against.

Either way the guy said:

- selling/shipping to UK is not allowed, sĂ­ncs UK is still member of the EEA.
- selling/shipping to Ireland is not allowed, since it is member of the EEA and the EU.
- selling/shipping to Germany is of course not allowed, since it is member of the EEA and the EU.

So my only chance is to buy the firmware from another seller (funnily enough I can buy it from Germany of another guy, I mentioned this to our friend  by the way), or I can get it from Italy, but I cannot het the 20MHZ mod.  Cannot find any info on this 20mhz mod at all.  If VanSinn where here I could ask him, he is actually mentioned on the guys webpage for having contributed in the tips section.

"Q: Oh my! The TSR24 is so complex. Any tricks I should know of?
A: This tip comes from "van Sinn": In addition to close reading the manual, download the GSP2101 manual and close read the digital processing section, as it contains many useful ideas.
The two units share practically the same digital engine.
Also, download and read the Friday Night Tips by Randy Thorderson of Digitech. Friday Tips was an email newsletter of sorts, containing GSP2101 tips."

Hey G

Do you have more info about this, maybe I can help if I know which parts you need.

I just had a look at the inside inside of a TSR24, seems it has a 10MHz crystal in it, so I thing you just need to replace it with a 20MHz crystal which is very easy to obtain.
Also saw it a KM681000blp-7 RAM chip (1Mb) and next to it is an empty slot so I guess you need a second one to put there? Also easy to obtain on ebay.
But I don' think it will add 6MB of RAM


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