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New Gig - Full Orchestra


So, this is going to be different.  Playing with a full orchestra, first rehearsal next week. :O

I have been fortunate enough to have some experience playing with a full jazz ensemble (The Minnesota Freedom Band) a fairly full church band (Small horn and string section and choir) but I have a feeling this is going to be a little different again.  I am very excited though!  The orchestra does 3 - 4 shows a year, and a variety of things from classical to showtunes to pop, so there should be plenty of variety of guitar.  The first show is "Back to the 80s".  Which is nice, I am familiar with most of the songs and even played many of them. Although, there are some on the list I am seriously questioning.  80s was my thing (and not just hair metal) all the pop too.  And there are a couple of songs on there I have never even heard of.  And I have an itunes playist of over two weeks straight no repeats of 80s pop.  (My hair metal collection is close to that also).

I think I need to get a new amp though, nothing I have is really good for the situation.  Rack & 4x12?  Nope, not this setting.  Tones are there, but just not the right venue (or volume range).  Even my smaller stack is going to be overkill.   I could just go with my Pod and wedge (and probably will) but I'm lazy, and not sure I want to carry it.  I suppose I am just looking for a reason to get one of those new Boss Katana amps (Probably the 50W version).

I did just get a new guitar (More about that in guitars under a new NGD thread) otherwise I would just pull the trigger and get a small amp.  Otherwise I would probably just pull the trigger.  Sadly, the new guitar isn't one I would bring to play in this situation normally.  Luckily though, since is an 80s show, it's coming with for the first ride.  If I'm going to play "Beat It" I'm going to play it with *style*

Sounds like some cool stuff going on, Zilthy.
Will it be live recorded?

No, it won't be recorded.  No licensing to do that.  I might take a couple of the songs and arrange it for orchestra with my DAW though for fun.

How did the gig turn out?


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