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Switching channels on the Viper using a TC Electronic G-System


Like the title says, I cannot get the G-system to switch channels on my Viper by conventional methods. I think the G is sending a different level/voltage than the Viper  needs :dunno: Does it even send a voltage?

Can I hook up my multi tester to see what voltage each one is throwing? Is that possible?

Can I add a little resistor between the two to compensate for a difference?

I need to start pawing through the schematics for the Viper...but I can't read schematics.

From what I can read the G system has relays that can be switched in and out.The viper doesn't work that way, the original pedal gets a voltage from the viper and send a voltage back.So you can't hook it up to the G system unless you make a special design switcher.

So THAT's why it doesn't work. Thanks for the straight answer. I thought I could do it because I can do it with the Quad switch...so, my Quad switch is getting a little juice from the Viper and using that to switch. What about a Boss MS-3? Does that use relays, or do you think it would be able to switch channels in my Viper?

How do I find out if an amp does this or if it can be switched with the relays in the G? I'm looking at a lil' Peavey Classic 20w head.

I think the Boss works the same way as the G sys.
Yep the quad works in a similar way, but it's an ADA, they use this type of voltage switching in other stuff like the 2FX, the MXC and the TFX-4

As for other amps, depends on the circuit but for the peavy it might work. Tried to get the manual but the damn thing is unreadeble.


--- Quote from: MarshallJMP on February 16, 2019, 01:16:41 PM ---Tried to get the manual but the damn thing is unreadable.

--- End quote ---

Haha! I'll look into it...I think the Peavey passed me by, I haven't heard from the guy. I haven't even tried that little Boss MS-3 yet...hoping the delays/reverbs sound good.


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