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Bit of story first: I had a Classic for a LOT of years and a few years back I decided to sell it as I was hadn't been using it for a long time. Of course I ended up missing it after a while. I recently found one close to where I live at a good price and decided to buy it. Brown channel is as good as always.

Now, My old unit always had a lag when switching between presets, and I had a thread here on the forum asking about that, some people had the same experience and some people didn't have this. With this new unit I still experience the same lag. After many years I've become accustomed to this and I hide this small silence in my playing, just had to get a bit creative with some rhythm strumming.

On this unit the program change via MIDI is also acting funny in that sometimes the unit will change to preset 01 no matter what button I press on the MIDI controller, although if I keep pressing the desired button on the controller, after a few tries the MP1 Classic goes "ah, you wanted this" preset, here it is"
I can rule out the controller not working properly as it controls all the other MIDI equipment just fine.

Has anyone had a problem like this?
I remember reading something about resetting the MIDI memory, I'd like to give this a try to see if but I have no idea how to do this. Does anyone know how to do this?
Thanks in advance for your replies.

Check the manual for "loading one to one midi mapping" on p12.

I already reset the 1 to 1 mapping and the unit is still behaving in the same way.

I don't know if it's the same for the classic (which came after the MP2 and shares a number of features), the MP2 had quite a lag when first it first came out, ADA released a new EPROM which included a fast change option which fixed it. Some ways that may help clear and reset things, remove the EPROM and put back (carefully), or remove the CPU and put it back, or disconnect and then reconnect the memory battery.

Try this, hook the midi controller to the classic midi in and the midi thru to another midi device, see if the other device switches presets.


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