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Brown sound is kinda light tan

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My Brown sound on my Classic is not what it was on my previous Classic (RIP). I have experienced identical preamps sounding different before, maybe this is another example.

Is there a way to get my Brown sound a tad more gainy without effecting the Distortion or Clean tones? I have my Brown channel on 9.0/9.0/8.0 and it's still lacking the sizzle and punch and plexi-esque qualities that I had with my ol' Classic before. It is also a bit noisy when everything is at I'd rather not run them that hot if I don't have to.

Questions; Would tubes make this difference? They look new but...
Is there any way I can adjust that voicing inside the unit?

I would start with the tubes.

Hey Dante, tubes will make a difference, eg the difference between Mullard long plate reissues and Boogie SPAx 7's (mostly JJs) in a MP2 is (to me) huge, (I'm sure it's more subtle but I "really" notice).  While 12AX7s are electrically equivalent/compatible, they all sounds very different, and some suit some circuits better than others.  So short story long (sorry  :facepalm: ), the right tubes will help (grab the tubes from your dead unit and try them ?)

Adjusting the voicing(s) is theoretically possible as the voices are controlled by various circuits/components, but you'd have to modify the circuit (well minimum the components). As far as I know  :dunno: there's no trim pots to change the voicing parameters (well, not entirely, there's the od1/2 trim pots, they control aspects of the gain parameters).So what makes an ADA Voice ?  What are the parameters/variables ?  Helicopter view/understanding is:There are 2 twin triodes (tubes), each triode is a gain stage (so you have 4 gain stages), each triode is individually fed (input) from the circuit which feeds the output of each stage to the input of the next triode, so from one triode to the next, you can change aspects of the signal (eg gain, eq), the gain is about how hard you push the next triode, the eq helps shape the voice (eg emphasis mids).  This is achieved electronically by circuit design and choice of components.  The 10 tube voices in the MP2 are ADA's pinnacle of this idea.

The tubes in there now are Mesa, probably rebranded Chinese (not that it's a bad thing). I'll try the tubes from my older unit when I get it back from Kim. I have other tubes in my TV Repairman box that I can try.

I was wondering about the trimpots, but as Richard says, those affect EVERYTHING. Which is what I was afraid of.

Thanks fellas

Hey Dante, I had a similar issue with my MP2. I put some mesa tubes in it and it sounded meh on the higher gain patches. Swapped those out for some Tong Sols and WOW!! what a difference! :headbanger:


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