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Viper in it's natural habitat

Started by Dante, February 10, 2018, 09:04:46 AM

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So, I brought the little Viper to rehearsal last night. It was the first time using the amp in a band environment. This is where the rubber hits the road....I don't care what your gear sounds like at home, the test is going to be whether or not you fit in the mix...or, whether or not you're just punching a hole straight through it.

My singer (also a guitarist) uses a Blackstar and, while it sounds good, it ain't all that and a bag of chips. The selling point with that amp is, he only uses the pedal for that amp and the FX within it, which is easy for him to set up & tear down. Every now and then, he gets a good tone out of that thing, mostly his cleans. He's constantly saying...."I have a Blackstar" as in statements like "Other people use a ton of pedals and a big pedal board, I have a Blackstar". He sees my rack gear as complicated, which confuses him, so he says "That's why I keep things simple, I have a Blackstar".

I'd heard enough. I texted him about the Viper...an amp he'd understand...a combo. I told him "I have an ADA and it's gonna make your Blackstar it's bitch". I was sure to include the other band members in the text, and both the drummer and bass player were cracking up. FFWD a week later and it's rehearsal time.

1) As soon as we get through the first song (Working for the Weekend, yes, Loverboy...don't judge me), he turns around and says "that thing sounds big".

2) Second song (Surrender, Cheap Trick); he turns himself down a bit and starts playing less guitar during the vocal parts. He's never done either of those things before, it was pretty cool to have the extra dynamics in that song. The Viper is very responsive to picking attack, something I LOVE. I can just pick softer to play during the verses and bang on the strings during louder choruses - the sustained big chords with this thing are amazing.

3) Third song (My Own Worst Enemy, LIT); this is where the Viper shines. I have the amp's Boost set as my solo - it's about 6-7db of volume for solos. I have the Nova System's boost as a 'half' boost, or a way to emphasize particular recognizable riffs that the crowd expects to hear. The intro and main riff use the 'half' boost and the solo gets the full monty. Setting it up this way is a convenient little feature (plus, I had two boosts to use anyway). After that song, he was completely sold. "You've always had great tone, but that thing is knocking it out of the park"

I totally agree.


Awesome Dante!

Hmmm....maybe we should somehow see if the new ADA company can reissue the Viper combo amp.   :thumb-up: 


Quote from: Kim on February 10, 2018, 04:15:43 PM
Hmmm....maybe we should somehow see if the new ADA company can reissue the Viper combo amp.   :thumb-up:

Maybe we could. They seem to cater to the stomp box crowd now, so a combo amp seems logical. Plus, it's got their speaker cab sims in it, which is one of their more popular pedals right now (as far as I know).

Last night was the first gig with the Viper. It did not disappoint, if anything, it exceeded expectations. The whole band sounded great last night, and we had a good crowd with lots of energy. That helps everyone play better, and somehow, makes everything sound better. Like John Madden said; 'winning is the best deodorant' and we were winning all night.

The Viper is so fun, it inspires me to play more, like a guitar that's too easy to play.


Huzzah! Glad to hear it's the tits!

I have to open mine up and chase the Red Channel's problem after I get this power amp I'm working on off the bench. Parts should be in for that tomorrow from Mouser.
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I figured I'd just add to this thread, rather than starting a new one. Here's a shot of the 5x12 rig I used at a recent outdoor show. Our PA was grossly underpowered, but we barely made it...I had very little headroom on the master gain of the mixer. The guitar rig, however, was just scratching the surface - she was LOUD.

I used the Viper for a 'head' of sorts, and mic'd it. I used a H&K 4x12 underneath the Viper, powered by a Crate Powerblock amp. I ran the recording out of the Viper into the little amp head and it PUMPED. Clean sounds were ultra glassy clean (I love that) and the 'modern' sound had a bit more bass than it should (probably the 4x12), so I used my 'classic' setting instead. It sounded amazing.

I've never tried this rig before, I typically just use the viper by itself. I have a 1x12 if I need that. The 4x12 is usually under my 4u rack rig, but since my MP2 is acting up, I used the Viper. I think for large gigs, this is my new rig. Here's a pic, you can see the Powerblock on the 4x12 with a mic bag on it. And, notice the Viper has a mic dangling in front of it - that's all that was running through the PA. Those of you on Faceb**k may have already seen this photo


Hopefully I don't upset anyone by this next comment, but aren't Blackstar amps pieces of  :poop: for sound?  This is certainly what I have heard.  Then again they are super popular???  But then again and again that doesn't make them good either lol.

Glad the Viper kicked "I have a blackstar" in the sack".

:poop: looking amps also

"whadda ya want? we want Heavy Metal"

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Actually,  his Blackstar sounds pretty good. I know damn well he can't program it, I'm assuming he bought it already set up with killer patches and simply moved them to locations he could access with the footswitch. He plays pretty stock Ibanez RGs, with mid grade PUs, and it sounds pretty dang nice.

still... I don't wanna hear that 'i have a blackstar' crap as a response to every little hiccup I have with my gear either - lol - It's all good, I get jokes


About Blackstar, the few ones I tried sounded very harsh and bright.
Almost brittlish.
Then again there are so many variables: The tubes in them, the bias, the cabinet, etc.
But I was quite unimpressed compared to the press it gets.

Dante: You make me want to pull my Viper out of my bedroom!!  :P

I have too many options, some gear never gets to play as often as other shit.
But the Viper is a keeper. Such a cool piece of unseen gear.
EMGs suck my energies.


Just wait until I pair the Viper with the G-System.

I don't know why you wouldn't wanna use the Viper....It's light, and sounds big.


Quote from: Dante on September 09, 2018, 08:39:01 PM
I don't know why you wouldn't wanna use the Viper....It's light, and sounds big.
It's mainly because my main rig is made out of my Rozon 3 channel preamp coupled with an MP-1...
But I fear not, the Viper will be used eventually. It's written in the sky.  :banana-upsidedown:
EMGs suck my energies.