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Has this ever happened to you?

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Ok,  so we had a three night gig at the same location.  Night one went great. Now on night two my rig sounded like absolute shit, nothing changed venue wise or settings wise. Night three it sounded great again. WTF? What I mean by sounding like shit is one patch had too much top end while another had too much bottom end. Still scratching my noodle on this, any ideas?

That happens to me when I start editing a patch in my FX device, without saving it, then I switch patches with my foot pedal  (changing the preamp patch) without realizing that my FX unit is still on the last patch. That makes my EQ and Volume settings all wonky.

Could that be it? Did you start to edit a patch in another piece of gear and leave it on the wrong setting?

I could totally see that happening, however not this time. I made no changes to any patches. I have every patch preamp and fx unit programmed into my midi switcher. What's really strange is I was using a dry patch no fx other than a noise gate. Both fx units were on bypass. Matter of fact I was using your metal preset for the MP2. I really like it. Strange that it was fine, then not, then fine again. I wonder if it's an issue with the MP2 or a power amp issue? Seems to be intermittent.  :dunno:

Try a process of elimination. Use a different power amp, see if it still happens. Then, try running direct, it could be between the Stage outs and not the Recording outs. I'm sure others will chime in here to try other things. See if you can isolate the root of the problem (preamp, or cord, or power amp, or whatever). I just wanna make sure it is actually the PREAMP that's the problem

I feared the worst for my preamp and my problem was in the shitty power supply in my rack for the phantom power in my pedal

Always hard these ones... do you have presence (turned up) on the power amp ? ~ clean pots (or just give it a good to and fro)
How's the power at the gig ? MP-2s cab be a bit funny when power isn't good

Actually, it just dawned on me  :dunno: , give the "room" eq knob on the MP-2 a spin (and clean when you can), what you are describing sounds like something similar to what I've experienced before and that's what it was.


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