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If anyone has one (or an xtra) that they would be willing or like to sell then P-L-E-A-S-E let me know. As Rich (Rnolan) will remember (well hopefully he will? LOL) last year I was looking for one for awhile & I finally found one & after awhile my 80's MP-1 M-E-T-A-L RIG was complete! Well looong story short I had some gear stolen & unfortunately my B200S was taken. (I WAS SO PISSED!!!) I had some ideas of who I wanted to KILL  >:D >:D to get my stuff back but even as today still...nothing. Anyway sorry to vent but I have had alot of health issues etc going on & that's why I have not been on the forum in awhile. So if ANYONE can help me out just let me know..I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance...Steve  :headbanger:

Hey Steve, yeah I remember, what a bummer it got pilfered  :facepalm: .  I have a US voltage B200s transformer if you need one, but of course you need an amp to go with it...  Seems they are getting harder to find, and those who have them like to keep them (totally understandable).  Anyway I hope you can turn one up for a decent price.

Hey Rich thanks a lot buddy I really do appreciate it! Yeah man you remember me running my MP-1 through the "return" of my Randall RG100ES & even though it sounded KILLER you had basically talked me in to trying to run it in Stereo which to me sounds Amazing (especially the chorus) but also to find a Power Amp & I finally did & then this crap happened! Oh well hopefully some good news will come my way soon...Cheers Mate  :headbanger:

Hey Steve, sorry to hear you had health issues  :facepalm: and to top it off with a theft  :'( ... anyways upward and at them  :thumb-up: , you could also look out for a B500B or G500S (harder to find), both basically a B200S on steroids. Now I have a US voltage B500B with MJMP (so totally serviced) you could have  :dunno: but it owes me allot so not likely to be bargain of the month (and I still want it LoL). Also it's 250w per side (in to 4 ohms) so your split stacks (100 w each) would be vulnerable.  The B500B would probably deliver (MJMP is the guru here) 180 w a side into 8 ohms (which I assume your cabs are). Having more power than the speakers can handle is valid (though more a PA thing) but you need to be careful (or speakers can be blown  :facepalm: ).

A B500S at my place? can't remember that  ;D


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