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Rack vs. Pedals vs. ..what?!


Full disclosure:  I used to hate using pedal FX.   But I'm going to guess that was probably because I wasn't using them correctly back then.... ::)   Batteries being sucked dry waaay too soon, walwart power supplies offering plenty of Ground Loop hum, tone suckage, etc.   But lately I've been reaching out a bit for some pedals for some special purposes that my preamp and fx unit can't give by themselves.  So, then I figured a Poll was in order to see how others do.   Vote away!   

well I use an FX unit on the floor and preamp and amp in my rack.

I have an idea for expanding my rack but basically I'm limited due to foreign travel for gigs like I'm playing in Malta next year.

So I may have to have a more localized rack (and I dunno if there is any point to this or not) and foreign travel light weight rack.  Currently my rack is the travel lightweight 3u rack with floor FX.

My possible idea is to have a half rack+EQ half rack noise gate, amp, MFX, preamp and amp all in a rack and use midi control pedal however I dunno if their is any point.  I have all the stuff I just haven't built it.

I have:
Boss SX700
Boss NS-50+Boss GE-21
Preamp (have multiple choice here)
Harley Benton GPA400
Furman PC

Chip Roberts:
For delay and chorus, I always prefer to go rack-less tap dancing.  For other modulation like phaser or flange I have stompboxes in a detachable rack shelf that sits on the floor along with my tuner, wah, A/B, and an additional chorus just in case I want it.

I gave up pedals many, many years ago, best thing I ever did.  I only have the MXC pedal pack at my feet (1 x MXC, 1 x CC pedal (assigned to MP-2 master vol), 1 x quad switch) connected with the 7 pin midi cable.  MP-2 has wah, comp, 9 band eq (as well as normal b,m, t and pres), 10 all tube voices (from clean to part your hair), noise gate, chorus, tremolo, cab sims and stereo parallel Fx loop.  Quad switch can be assigned to toggle any of the Fx.  Then my Quadverb does delays and reverb (and also lots of other things I don't bother with eg flange, phase, Leslie, more eq  :facepalm: , etc). I also used to use the IPS33 smart shift, but I took it out of the rack as I hardly ever use it these days.


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