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NGD! Presonus 16.4.2 Mixer

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Hi Guys,

I recently joined up with a bunch of friends who needed a guitar player. It's not my first choice of material (Classic Rock) but they are a great bunch of guys, so I agreed. Their sound system is crap, and they don't even use a soundman  :facepalm:

So, my first order of business (besides learning all this old material on the setlist) is to upgrade the band's sound. I took a major step forward by purchasing a badass mixer from another friend (good to have friends ;) ) for a very cheap price. The Presonus 16.4.2 is the same mixer my last cover band used, and I really loved it. Why? Because you can control it with an iPad once you have all the parts in place. This allows the soundman to walk around the room & adjust your mix.

Since I have the older model, not the AI version, I need to supply my own Wifi router to get the iPad to see it. I can piggyback off the wifi connection in the venue, or use my phone as a hotspot, but I'm going to get a dedicated router for this rig eventually. Also, I need a computer hooked up to run the software, so I'll be buying a cheap used Macbook for that later. Right now, I have my MacBook Pro (my main computer) hooked up to try it out and I'm using my home router to connect the iPad.

I must say, the iPad is easier to operate than the mixer itself - lol! Here's a pic of the mixer, my laptop, and my iPad all synced up.

What's next? Well, after getting a dedicated laptop and router, I'll be picking up some IEMs. With a little app, you can control your own mix in your headphones (I like to turn my guitar and vox up louder than everyone else in my IEMs). Each AUX gets it's own mix, so everybody in the band gets what they want.

Harley Hexxe:
Nice little mixer Dante!

     Is that rack mounted, or just sitting on top?

Rackmounted in a box/case  :thumb-up:

Very cool Dante, you do like the newfangled gadgets LoL.

UPDATE: So, we played our first gig with this little mixer and it performed beautifully. It has the ability to save the positions of all the faders, aux mixes, etc. by saving the 'scene' (kinda like a patch with all the settings). I should've done that right after soundcheck, because all the faders got zeroed out when I turned off the iPad.  :facepalm: Thankfully, a sound man buddy of mine was in the crowd & he dialed us in during the first set.

Note to self: do NOT turn off the iPad after soundcheck.

I brought my own laptop, but I'll need one with a bigger screen, I had to scroll sideways to see some of the faders. Mine is a lil' 13", so I'll get a 15", I don't think a 17" will fit in the case.

Also; I tried using my phone as a hot spot, and that went WAY easier than expected. Totally worked, allowed me to set my own password. Makes a nice backup plan if necessary.


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