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Anybody know about Tyrant Tone?


After seeing King Buzzo's (Melvins) guitar rig consisting of 2 cabs - each one with a 1x12 speaker and a 1x15 speaker per cab - I thought "that rules," but I have not heard any YouTube or in-person demos of these cabs.  I play an MP-2 and am bottom-hungry.  At this time, my setup is Carvin DC 727 w/ SD Invader -> ADA MP-2 -> Rocktron Velocity 300 -> Genz Benz G-Flex 2x12 which sounds cool but I feel a 15'' would add some chest thump to the tone.  Anybody know anything about these cabs?  I think they used to be emporer cabs.  Their website is:  http://www.tyranttone.com/

Found out about the speakers from a rig rundown video of King Buzzo.  I always dug his tone as well as other bottom-heavy guitarists live Obituary's Trevor Peres and also thrashy tones like Carcass' Bill Steer.  Wondering if this cab can hit all of the above.  Here's a picture of King Buzzo's rig consisting of the 1x12/1x15 cabs.  My budget only allows for one cab.  King Buzzo's Rig Pic

King Buzzo? Never heard of her  :lol:

But seriously, I like the idea. Many blues guitarists use a 1x15 bass cab to get a fuller sound, or maybe they use the bass amp for a cleaner tone  :dunno: 

And, not to rain on your parade, but have you tried an EQ? With a sealed speaker cab and an EQ, I could get the windows shaking...using a 1x12 cab. You should be able to get PLENTY of thump out of that Genz Benz ported 2x12.

Simply using the graphic eq and tone controls in the MP-2 can get mushy and overprocessed, IMO. I use the secondary EQ in my GX-700 to bump the lower end and cut the mids a bit more, so that I can leave the MP-2 more wide open and natural sounding. Sure, the MP-2 still has the bass up a bit, but it's not maxed out, same with the cut mids, they are not totally scoooped out because the other EQ is doing some of that for me.

Sometimes taking too much of a freq out of the mix (or adding too much in) tends to choke the tone a bit, makes it one dimensional, less full, less open.

Harley Hexxe:
   I've never heard of them before. But like you, I also like an enhanced bottom end. Being a Strat player, I find it necessary to do that because it opens up the spectrum of the Strat's tone. I get to keep the clarity of the Strat with a richer sounding tone, and in an overdriven tone, I have plenty of bottom end 'chunk.'

    I find Celestion speakers fall short of this so I prefer Altecs or JBLs which can handle the bottom end more tightly.

      Harley 8)


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