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Hello from the Gulf Coast


Hey guys, this is Mitch from SE Texas.  I'm primarily an electric bassist but also do guitar, percussion, piano and upright bass.  I got into ADA recently as I needed gear that was versatile enough to cover my love for Thrash, Soul/Funk, and Jazz in a single rig.  Since I am still relatively young, I never was exposed to rack gear as I started past its heyday.  My MP-1 has solved most of my one amp rig issues that I always had, not the least of which is being able to get an a**load of tight crunch, something I could never do to my liking with an amp and arrangement of pedals/boards.  I was not around for the original forum but I am glad to be a part of and contribute to this version.


Welcome to the Depot, Mitch!!

It's always nice to have some 'new blood' in here too, have a seat, start a discussion, make some friends for life.  :ada-big:

I'm a big fan of ultra-clean tones, the MP-1 always delivered that with the SS voicing for me. My MP-2 has some very nice cleans as well, it's hard to find anything that can cover the range the ADA preamps deliver. I'm glad you have an open mind to try new (and sometimes old) things to get what you're looking for.


Welcome Mitch,i must say you have a big musical taste going from trash to jazz  :thumb-up:

Hey Mitch, welcome, after all these years I still think the ADA pre-amps are the best ever.


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