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 :thumb-up: :whoohoo!: just got my B200s back to normal (life), it had really bad (very loud) crackles in one channel. I had a tech tried to fix it twice, but no good :-( MJMP suggested I reflow (remelt/solder) all the joins, so just pulled it apart (finally) and did that. Gave it a test  :whoohoo!: all fixed. Thanks MJMP!! Next is a side by side comparison with my Carvin TS100. I did the quick test with no FX so far to check if it was working ok (and it is  :thumb-up: )

No problem R!

Hey MJMP, well after the reflow my soldering skills have picked up  :thumb-up: (quite a bit), and today we got Mike's MP1 input jack mod done, also replaced the main vol pot. Then did his B200s vol pots, and finished with an old favourite and replaced a broken female XLR on his mic lead (Mike did most of it but I did a bit of soldering for him). All working well, has given his MP1 lots more gain/volume we think (on first listen)  (i.e. a smooth input path). The desoldering station works well but not so great for wide lugs like some of the PCB mounted input jacks, so out with the solder wick. So a successful weekend of fixing things  :whoohoo!: Thanks for all you're help and all the parts, keeping us Ozzies rocking  :banana:


Hmmm.  Lets not be hasty with the thumbs up.
When i got home and tried to reload my patches, it was apparent that something was not right. I got all depressed and just shut it down for the night. I'll investigate a full list of symptoms when i get home tonight.
At first glance, the display starts to flicker when in use the up/down buttons,  doesn't respond properly.
Also i had to reload the patches about 3 times and I'm still not sure it did it properly.


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