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Fat Bottom Girls

Started by Dante, December 16, 2020, 07:22:45 PM

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Another band, another song. This recording was done at each of our homes (isolating for the Covid plague, y'know). We sent our trax to the singer, he produced the whole thing. IMHO, he did a pretty good job and I'm glad we did NOT go to a studio for this (it's a cover band).

That said, I ran through my 'direct rig'; Tech 21 Fly Rig RK5 v2 > Computer (I have a Boss v-wah in front, a Boss dyna drive and a TCE iron curtain behind the Fly Rig). This is not my typical guitar tone by any means, but the Fly Rig did save my ass when my Viper input jack went kaput at a gig....grrr. So, I respect the red box.

Anyways, here's the mp3. Later, I'll put a still pic or a slideshow together and make a Youtube vid out of it

Peter H. Boer

Nice version of this classic  :thumb-up: :thumb-up: 8)
Nothing beats MB-1s and MP-1s with MDRTs



Thanks Peter - we take pride in our harmonies & that song is our 'showcase' haha


 :metal: :metal: :metal: :metal: :metal: :metal: :metal: :metal: :metal: :metal: :metal:

f**king good job, man!  :bow:

You guys made your homeworks right!
On the run again!


Thanks man, preciate it!

We been playing together for about 10 years, nice to have this family