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Author Topic: Microcab II headphones  (Read 748 times)

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Microcab II headphones
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Hey there all,

Just scored a Microcab II on Reverb to go with my MP-1. Ready for some sick 80's tone when it comes in. I am curious about how I may use it though. In the manual it states "When using headphones with the MICROCAB II, you may want to adjust the HI BALANCE downward to compensate for high frequency emphasis found in most headphones." Now this implies to me that headphones may be used directly through output A which is a 1/4" line level output, is that correct? And if I were to use my audio interface for recording I would use the XLR which is a mic level output, is that also correct?

Last question, I have an old Sunn Solarus head that fell into my lap last year and no cabs. If I were to want to use it with headphones or recording what would be the ideal chain for that? I am imagining:

Solarus --> MCII  --> Load Box --> Audio Interface

The Solarus would then go into the MCII pass thru input, and then the MCII would output line level to the load box. I hope that's right.

Any and all help is appreciated, I am still very new to this world even though I've had this MP-1 for a minute now.
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