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The OLD Depot is BACK!! Thanks to Nick, Jurrie's son!! Here's a link to view the old (original) ADA Depot! The Old ADA Depot

If you can, please send a small donation, for keeping up the hosting, etc.

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 on: Today at 04:48 PM 
Started by rabidgerry - Last post by bunkyloo
yeah Gerry its like we talked about with a RJ11 phone connector i am positive it would work with the right transformer. MJMP?

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Started by rabidgerry - Last post by rabidgerry
Hi everyone,

I can get one of these at a price I like, however it's US voltage.  How difficult would it be for me to find a UK 18v PSU then fit a output plug to fit the Rane unit.  From what I can tell the Rane units external PSU's have a little phone/network style plug to them and it's pretty unusual to say the least.  I do not want to have to use this unit with a step down transformer as they are a pain.

Any thoughts on if this is possible or not?

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Started by cerealk - Last post by rnolan
Hey Simon, welcome back  :thumb-up: , how's lock down going for you ?  Not as bad for us here in Canberra (although been very cold lately).
Cheers R

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Started by cerealk - Last post by cerealk
Hi everyone,

Had my ADA MP-1 since 1993, bought it second hand in the UK (chandler Guitars in Kew, London) and now its in Australia.

I'm British and have lived here since 2004. I used to be on this board in the 2000s and early 2010s but seem to have dropped off.

Ibanez and Steve Vai fans (jemsite and may remember me from there as a moderator on both boards. Also from (I organised the three UK ones and 1 Australian one).

My little rig these days is ADA MP-1, BBE462, TC Electronic G-Major and a Marshall 8008 power amp. Marshall cab usually.


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Started by cerealk - Last post by cerealk
Dear All,

ADA MP-1 owner since 1993 here and about 2012 I had a small mod done to my ADA based on schematics I found on the old ADA depot website. I have looked high and low and cannot find the mod anywhere or what it was!

Here are two pics of what was done. Please can someone tell me what this Mod was and also, hopefully, have one of the old pdfs of it!

A huge thank you in advance!

Best wishes

A Brit in Australia

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Started by mort - Last post by mort
Just noticed that under the serial number sticker the board is labelled 10-185P. Seems that things were on the move at A/DA when this one was being built.

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Started by mort - Last post by mort
Recently picked up this flanger. Bypasses signal fine but with the effect on it makes no noise except for a tiny little hint while sweeping the enhance control. Otherwise it's dead silent. I do know there's ~20v on the secondary of the t-former but do not know how to troubleshoot from there.

Some photos and details about this particular flanger...

There's been some sort of modification that looks like it may have been done at the fatory(?) The next couple of photos show an added resistor on the back of the board and one leg of the corresponding resistor moved over to another location. I'm kinda guessing this had to do with a revision, but I'm not sure. Need a little help with that too, please.

Has the MN3010 chip fwiw, and on the inside of the enclosure 10-205P is stamped/molded in.

So where do I start? I have some hobby background in tube electronics but I'm pretty green on this type.

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Started by mort - Last post by mort
Thanks everyone. Gonna head over to the forum for asking about a non-working Flanger!

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Started by mort - Last post by Harley Hexxe
Hey Mort,

        Welcome to the depot!

        Cool amps! I agree with Richard, very nice woodwork!\\

Harley 8)

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Started by mort - Last post by MarshallJMP
Hey mort, again welcome to the depot  :thumb-up: and greetings from Australia  :wave: .  Cool amps  :whoohoo!: , love the woodwork on the combos BTW.Cheers R

+1 :thumb-up:

So what's wrong with the flanger?

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