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'Live' rig sound - Tube + Modeling W/D/W setup (5150 III and Axe FX III)

Started by Zilthy, October 11, 2019, 11:35:57 PM

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Clip:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/obrf6799gfj6exu/EVH_Gear.mp3?dl=0

Ends up being a bit of strange routing, might do a youtube video on it, but it's my 'live' tone.  :D

A combo of W/DW and 4CM on the amp.

The main tone is my 5150 III EL34 50w in to matching 4x12 (Basically 20w Greenbacks).
Using a Rivera Rockcrusher in the chain so I can crank up the master a bit, to around 4.

I go guitar in to axe FX, and setup my pre effects blocks:  wah, flange, phase, octave, eq, pitch
From there to my 5150 III input.   Then I take the 5150 III pre-amp out back in to the Afx3.

Now here, is where I get a little crazy, and start taking advantage of the number of Axe 3 inputs
and outputs.  Normally, I'd just throw some post gain effects in (chorus, delay, reverb) type and
send that to the power amp, or also out to the W part of the W setup.  But, since I have 2 more
outputs, and 2 more inputs available, I don't do that.

This particular patch, is a blend of a few outputs.  I have my SM57 on cab (main sound), direct (back from the pre-amp in to tube amp model in to my cab and 57 impulse) and wet sound (another input from the Rockcrusher back in to the axe on another line in, in to the impulse, through delay and reverb) all back in to my audio interface.  Still playing around with it, but I am loving how it sounds.

So many videos out there on the modelling sounds, this version adds a variation to the routing that I think the surface is just being scratched on.



Can't access dropbox so haven't had a listen.  Ahh, didn't know I could still listen to the clip w/o signing-in :facepalm:
Sounds very good and absolutely real.  Could easily be used in the studio as well, perhaps just with a smaller amp - if anything smaller will sound like a 5150..
It's an interesting setup, might draw me a schematic to make sure I fully understand it.
Or, hehe, perhaps you could be persuaded to make a simple drawing.. :-*

I've often contemplated going for a less complicated setup, like a NUX Kerberos board, but I think I'll stick to my MP2 and Digitech TSR24S, because, like you like it, having two ins and four outs allows for some interesting routings, plus the TSR has no fixed signal path; anything is possible and effects can be used more than once.
I just need to combine it likely with a Torpedo C.A.B. and that'll be it.


Thank you van Sinn.  I hope it sounds real, since it is. :)

I have uploaded to Soundcloud and added a link for that.

I think I will have to do a video or two on how I am using this setup, not sure a schematic will cover it.  Even if I did a drawing of how I connect it, it won't show how it's routed, since I can take 4 inputs AND 4 outputs, and route them ANY WAY I want, from preset to preset.  I personally find it kind of odd that doing that itself isn't bigger news, I do not see videos on that.  Only on the modeling and effects.  Don't get me wrong, those are freakin' great, but it is that routing that sold me on this unit.   And there is absolutely no way I could go back now.

I'll do that video, and even a schematic (also internal routing patch) but until then, I will list out the full chain, just to give an example of the power of this unit.  It is completely crazy!


Quote from: Zilthy on October 11, 2019, 11:35:57 PM
Ends up being a bit of strange routing, might do a youtube video on it, but it's my 'live' tone.  :D

Me likey!    :banana-guitar:


Dang Zilthy great playing and you nailed the tone! :banana-rock:


I read you on the routing options. While I have no experience with the AFX, my TSR has free routing too.
I can build a chain of effects, break that chain and insert a Y-split, annd effects to that branch, and insert this at an earlier point in the original chain by breaking it and insert a mux/mixer, thus creating my own feedback loop, complete with effects.  Oh well, I have "only" two inputs and four outs, so... ;)
Powerful the Force of Routing is..



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NAILS. Nice job, sounds very clear/open and very accurate to the original.  :bow: