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Power Trip

Started by Black_Haus, April 19, 2019, 01:07:39 PM

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Hey guys,

Hope all is well with everyone.here is another's tune I used the MP1 on pretty heavily. Edit = Wrong  :???:  :dunno:



Very cool, bookmarked!
Do elaborate on axe, pedals and processing - do not tell me it's 'just' an MP-1 ;)

The initial guitar and vocals reminds me a bit of Finnish band Poisonblack..


Nice tone and nice playing too!!



This is a little embarrassing but I pulled up this song in the old version of my DAW (Studio One 2) to get van Sinn some details and it turns out that I did not use the MP-1 on this one

My apologies. This was recorded back in 2016 so it's been a while. I was sure that there was only one song on that entire album that the MP-1 didn't get used on, but apparently my memory has let me down.

Please take this post down at your leisure.

Sorry for misleading you on this one.



No taking down, song too good!
Just edit your OP and write some fun about your 'mistake' ;)
And I still would like to know what gear you used - sounds pretty damn pretty..


Van Sinn,

I'm glad you like the song, but maybe we should at least move this post to another section so no one else is mislead? I think anyone checking this section out is looking to hear true MP-1 tones.

Anyway here is the rundown on the guitar tracks;

I know for a fact that I used my Black '86 Strat with Seymour Duncan Hot Rail in the bridge on this because it is my Drop-D guitar ( my other guitars have floating trems and I didn't use my Les Paul at all on the album)

After looking back at this session all the guitar tracks used the Presonus Studio One plugin called "Ampire".

The intro/verse sections are double tracked, two instances panned left/right. 2 different presets.
The Chorus has 4 tracks 2 left/2 right. 4 different presets.
The bridge rhythm section is 4 tracks 2 left/ 2 right using the two verse presets and 2 what I call crunch type presets.
The lead section uses two identical presets panned 50/50. the left channel is also going to an FX send with an Analog Delay plugin set to 22ms and panned 70 right.

If you have Studio One I can send you these presets or a screenshot. If not  you can get Ampire very cheap to use as a plugin although there are a lot of newer more advanced sims on the market.now, which I'm sure you are aware of. At that time, for some reason I was determined to record this entire album using nothing but the stock plugins and my own amps/outboard gear .

Again sorry for the confusion on my part.


Hehe, when I heard it, I couldn't make it an MP-1 tone, and neither a single coil axe; however the Hot Rails explains it.
I have no Studio One, thanks for the offer, though. Just wanted to know..