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Started by Chucky, January 23, 2016, 09:13:00 PM

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I accumulated so much gear over the years that every once in a while I pull some item out and give it another ride.
Some notably very cool and satisfying units were the half rack series from H&K.
The Metal Shredder is simplistic to use and gets you in the zone right away.
Brilliant piece of equipment with an onboard cab sim, onboard 10 watts solid state power section, direct out, etc...
Basically a cool tube preamp with a gamut of options as for means to use it.
You can either record direct or power a cabinet (For practice purposes, not to challenge a drummer!)

Remember these??

Anyhow, I had a great time using it to lay down tracks (Direct recording using the onboard cab simulator of the preamp) on this original piece of mine, take a listen:
EMGs suck my energies.


Hey Chucky, nice, I hear shades of my past in that track. The H&K sounds pretty decent, and it goes up to 11 LoL.
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Is this something like the HK cream machine?


Quote from: MarshallJMP on January 25, 2016, 07:16:31 AM
Is this something like the HK cream machine?
Kind of yes...
HK made 3 different half preamp in the days:
Cream Machine (Blues)
Crunch Master (I assume some Plexi type preamp)
and the Metal Shredder.
EMGs suck my energies.


Ah ok tought it looked like one.I think those where a big hit in the early 90's.


Awesome tone!
And I love how the gains go up to eleven!  Now I have to go watch Spinal Tap...again.... :banana-rock:
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Throughout the years I have had a few pieces of H&K gear, and it never disappointed.

The two that really stand out were a solid state head, I don't recall the model number, but it was pretty old.  The other was a Tri-Amp.

I sort of miss the Tri-Amp, it looked cool, but was completely overkill for anything I ever needed.  :) 

Great sounding clip!

Harley Hexxe

A wild ride indeed! Love it :thumb-up:

Harley 8)
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Yup, good sound - and neat playing.

I once had a Blues Master; did an exceptionally good tone for slide guitar (early/mid 70's Dan Armstrong with Mighty Mite Motherbucker pup).


Cool unit!! I will listen to the clip when I get home tonight. Thanks Chuckster!